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Parcel Connect is a well-established logistics company who deliver on behalf of the UK’s largest online retailer. We operate out of 27-, locations in the regions of London, Northern Ireland, Wiltshire, Devon and Norfolk.

We also operate out of some EU countries and currently recruiting in Germany.

Apply now, and we will contact you with the details of our next Interview date which we have on a weekly basis for all locations.

Welcome to Logistics International

From small local delivery agents to international logisticss in many different ways within a few years. We are proud to say that it was only created through our innovation, network, hard work and commitment to fulfil the expectations of our customers.

A focused philosophy of customer service connecting our team globally is at the top of our value proposition. Our incredibly user-friendly tools give worldwide supply chain management and visibility that are flexible and customizable to the requirements of each customer.

Parcel Connect is a real sole-source transportation and logistics supplier and our logistics experience includes local, global and warehousing/distribution services.


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